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Docs4GreatApes is a grassroots organization:  we know that collective action can effect change at the local, national, and international levels. The cumulative effect of each of our individual actions—no matter how small—can create significant change. Our Supporters are crucial for the success of our mission and we are grateful for your decision to pitch in.

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One of the most effective ways for all of us to protect great apes is to make a commitment to speak more openly and actively in our social and work circles. Our popular decals will stimulate conversation and get the message across that you care. We will send both digital print decals—installation ready for application to your substrate—AND cling vinyl window decals that stick to glass without adhesives and can be taken off and re-applied without leaving residue. Fun and effective!

Window Cling
Bumper Sticker


As a much-appreciated Supporter, you will be included in a system of providing timely updates on the progress of the programs that you are supporting, as well as feature articles and new developments in the field of wildlife conservation that our editors feel worthy of passing along.

Your name will be proudly listed on the Docs4GreatApes website in the Membership section dedicated to Supporters.


Docs4GreatApes is a Canadian Not-for-profit Corporation and a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity. As a result, Docs4GreatApes will automatically issue you a charitable tax receipt for the eligible amount of your gift. Please consult your tax expert if you have any questions about how this might apply to you.

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Docs4GreatApes is committed to improving the health of great ape populations, the communities that surround them, and the ecosystem we share, through education.

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