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Tributes4GreatApes Program

Honour the loss of a much-loved pet and further the work of Docs4GreatApes.

Tributes4GreatApes Program Download the Program Brochure  (PDF)

Your donation will help us improve the health of Great Ape populations, the communities that surround them, and the ecosystem that we share.

Docs4GreatApes is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation and registered charity.

All donation amounts are in Canadian Dollars.

Alternatively, you can donate without sending a tribute card.

Personal information is collected for the purpose of donor relations and gift acknowledgment. The Tributes4GreatApes program has been approved by The College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

About the Program

Extinction of the Great Apes - Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Gorillas, and Orangutans - threatens to become a reality within just a few human generations. The need is urgent and you can help save our closest relatives by supporting Docs4GreatApes.

With the Tributes4GreatApes Program, you can make a donation that will pay tribute to the loss of a much-loved pet and further the work of Docs4GreatApes. The family of this special pet will receive a Gorilla Art card acknowledging your gift.

Tribute Gift Form

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