Docs4GreatApes is determined to make a difference through education.

Just Like Us book

Just Like Us

Just Like Us is a gorgeous tribute to our not-too-distant relatives as well as the courageous people who are risking their lives to protect them.

In this remarkable memoir, we follow Dr. Quinn’s seven-year journey across seven African countries and Indonesia, where he photographed each great ape species in its natural habitat. Using inspiring stories juxtaposed with stunning photographs, he illuminates the threats to great ape survival as well as the complexity of saving them. The result delivers an empathetic sense that these magnificent beings really are—strikingly so—just like us.

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Docs4GreatApes is Canadian not-for-profit corporation and registered charity founded by concerned health care professionals, determined to make a difference through education.

Our vision is a world community that is passionate about improving the health of Great Ape populations, the communities that surround them, and the ecosystem that we share.

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